Industry Reports -

Affiliate and Partner Information provides access to nearly 3 million Federal, State, and County-Level Industry Reports. There are several ways to offer these Reports (or customized versions) to your staff, clients, or customers:

1) Affiliate Program: Create a link on your Web site to and we will track all usage from your site and provide a royalty back to you for ongoing revenues generated. Begin our Affiliates Program Sign-up online.

2) Pay-Per-Sale Program: Email your existing Business customer base with a notice about the product and we will track all usage. A royalty will be paid for all usage during the month of the email campaign. This is open only to qualified business sites and not SPAMMERS. Companies will be reviewed to ensure that they meet responsible email practices. Please contact for further details and qualifications.

3) Customized Reports: The PrimeIndustryReports can be customized to targeted Industries and for specific Companies with selected data from more than 40 Business Ratios. Trend data is available from 2000 to present. External data can also be integrated into the customized Reports and decision-support features can be incorporated. Please contact for further details and estimates.

4) Batch Appends and Data Analysis: The PrimeIndustryReports data comes from Oxxford Information – a leader for over 25 years in business information. For specific information on the services offered, please contact Cliff Brundage at, by phone at 212-727-0393, or visit the Oxxford site at